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Poem - Such hate; Such anger

(April 4, 2009)

Behind the Poem: I wrote this a while back, only just finished it though,
because I came across one of those tv shows where people were chastising this woman for the choices that she made.
As always, when they harass celebs, or anyone in the spotlight, I got angry and I feel like people need to take a step back
and realize that everyone is human and makes human mistakes. Instead of criticizing,
people need to simply take a step back and breeaattthhheee and leave them alone especially!
How would
YOU feel if you were in that position with everyone in your face?

Such hate; such anger
For what you do not know
Try to understand
But donít simply condemn
Walk a mile in anotherís shoes
Thatís what they all say
And for that I agree
You cannot understand
Actions of others
Until you walk in their shoes
Take a step back
Take a deep breath
Imagine yourself there
Listen to what they all say
Do you still feel the same?
Imagine it was you
On the receiving end
Would you still condemn?
Walk a mile in anotherís shoes
Before you attempt to open your mouth
Take a step back
Take a deep breath
Walk away far wiser
Those who open their mouths too soon
End up the fool
There are enough of those
Who would condemn
What they do not know
Such hate; such anger
Do you think the world needs more?


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