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Poem - She leaves her heart in his hands

(February 10, 2009)

Behind the Poem: I wrote this one day when I was reminiscing about a love I had growing up whom
I felt a deep love--still do since it's the type that never goes away.
I was imagining in my mind, having to let him go so I could move on.

Looking back one last time,
There’s sadness in her eyes
Dropping her eyes
She turns and goes
Leaving him behind
In the wake of her past
Her heart drops from her chest
As she leaves him behind
Knowing she can never love
Another the way she had
She leaves her heart in his hands
As she turns and leaves
Saying not a word
Touching not a finger

Fading away into the past
His face is clear as ever
Sadness fills her heart
At the mention of his name
At the sight of his face
That still stirs in her mind

A friend she cannot find
Like the man she once loved
Who she will forever love
When she left him behind

There are no doubts
About the love between
That existed once
That exists until death
Her heart belonged to the one
That caused the earth to shake;
Caused the butterflies to take flight;
Caused that once-in-a-lifetime feeling.

Without a word
And without a touch
She turns and goes
Leaving her heart in his hands


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