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Date page updated: August 14, 2009

Welcome to the newest member to our household... Jax!

Jax came to our household because the parakeet that I currently own, Sebastian (female--yes, I have a female name for her, Kythera, but just haven't started calling her that:p), has been doing quite well with her training to hand tame her, and bond with me. But the one thing that she's been lacking is a partner in crime; a friend. She's shown signs of being quite lonely--snuggles with her toys and whatnot--and I thought it about time to give her a friend. She's been with me for a year and I knew it was time.

I knew I wanted a male; I knew I wanted one that had already been owned that wasn't entirely tame yet and I could adopt, NOT buy from a pet store; I knew that I wanted one that was blue. Those were the biggest things I KNEW I wanted. The day that I happened to look on Craigslist [again!] for a male parakeet, there was only one ad for one and it was green and yellow. NOT what I wanted. Then I just decided to check back a few hours later and I saw an ad posted for a male that just seemed like 'that's him.' Texted back and forth and after meeting with the woman that owned him, I knew he'd been taken care of and she didn't WANT to have to give him up, which was telling me that he'd had a good home. Interacting with him already tells me that the woman that had owned him did a wonderful job of raising him for the little time she had him.

Took nearly over three hours to get him and bring him home, from the drive alone, but it was well worth it as you can see... he is gorgeous! He was my early [29th] birthday present and he's awesome. He's approx. 7 months right now. Loves the tv, like with mine, loves radio and incredibly brave little man already.

The name came about from looking at him, trying to determine names and I just came across "Jax" as being perfect and his name. Came out of nowhere, but he responds to it already and I think it's perfect. It comes from not only my own love of that name, but the Jax character (biker man) on the show Sons of Anarchy as Jax has himself a little "hemlet" of white on the back of his head :p AND it comes from the second greatest warrior in Greek times, next to Achilles. His cousin, Ajax. Means "strength and courage" and I think that fits him perfectly.

The very first moment that my girl saw him, she refused to look at him, but then when I set up a "branch" for her to sit near his cage, she was hooked. I won't let them alone quite yet, as it's only been two days since he's been here and I want at the least, it to be a week, but so far it seems to be love at first sight! I couldn't have asked for a better pairing. And I am extremely happy to have a little boy again as anyone that knows me, knows how much I LOVE little boys!