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All games linked here are pretty fun. Other ones are frankly so weird or dumb that they're fun :p Or addictive at least.
I will certainly be adding more as I am finding them. I've found them from different sources on the net and thank any and all I have linked them to and from. If you find something you'd like to see listed, or think would be interesting to be listed - let me know and I will get it up here - thanks much!

Note: Some of these games require Shockwave Player. I may forget to list that. If they don't play that could be the reason. Check your information bar at the top to make sure that the player is allowed through. The pop-up blocker on some computers may prevent it from working correctly. Every time I load my computer, I have to allow it with my high security program installed on my new Vista so I am not 100% positive if yours works the same way as mine or not. But as a just in case thought, I figured I would be safe and write that down :)

The Fridge
Click to play with the Fridge and make your own words:)

Magic 8 Ball
Ask the Magic 8 ball your most personal questions!

Classic Etch A Sketch
What can you draw with the classic Etch A Sketch?

Post It Notes! Leave a Message
Write on the Post It Note and it will stay

Scratch Ticket
Do you feel lucky? Try the scratch ticket

Classic Pong
Who doesn't remember playing Pong?

How good is your memory?

Harold The Hamster Hangman
Be careful to guess correctly or you'll fry Harold!

Where's Wilma?
Sorta a new take on an old classic - Where's Waldo

Don't Press The Button
Whatever you do - do not keep pressing the button - I mean it!

Fortune Cookie
What is in your fortune today?

Classic Super Mario Brothers
Old school it by playing the classic Super Mario Bros.
This game is dedicated to Julia! Love ya girl - Hugs :p

Remember Zelda? (Just for you Jennifer:))

Space Invaders
Space Invaders Classic Atari

Frogger game just like you remember

Just what you remember

For those that loved this game on the cell phones

Defend Your Castle
Defend your castle. Don't let them get to it and destroy it!

Play Simon!

Adrenaline Challenge
Excitebike type game - Dedicated to my boys who would make me sit on the other side of the room while they built a track with lots of jumps and challenges while we used to play Excitebike when we were younger. You know who you are :p

Play with the Fishies:p

Drag Racing
Go draggin'

Click to play K-Mart Haunted House
K-Mart Haunted House Game - Click the pic

Snowman Snowglobe
Click to play with a snowglobe

Christmas Tree
Check out the Christmas Tree

All games below need Shockwave player

Tamale Rumble
Fight with some unusual characters

Snowball Fight
Throw snowballs at the green team

Tank Wars
Tank game

On the run
Similar to the Grand Theft Auto Game

Move the mouse around and shoot before the futuristic things get to you. Spacebar to switch weapons.

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