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(January 25, 2010)

It occurred to me, as I was discussing with someone, that I needed to update this blog. I have since signed up with, under my pen name, which is the same name that I am now using to post these blogs. The name "ahbrowne." ( Profile)

In the midst of emailing my customers that their orders are due tonight; cleaning doggie poopie booties; cleaning bird cages; finding readers for my latest finished book to catch errors and such; doing laundry, and much more--too long to list all that I'm doing right now, I need to write this down. That way, for any of you that has been waiting to find out the profile link, etc., for, you can have it

I have already made some friends on there--how hard is that for me I know--and have been asked by some people to read and comment, their books. I have been on there since the day that last blog was written, which was two weeks or so, ago. It's fairly simple to figure out and what questions you may have, others can answer for you, or you simply go to the help desk (faq's) to find answers.

Post a book of your own and others get to review it--either all or not, but minimum of 10,000 words--and comment. The comments, I've found, vary, but all-in-all I think it's a wonderful way to get reviews, and constructive criticism, on your books you write. As stated in the last blog, they say that if your book is up there in ratings, then HarperCollins will give it a look and pass it on to their editors in consideration of publishing it. I think that's a really wonderful, and easy, way to get people to see it. And, after all, it's about getting your name out there.

There are, of course, setbacks to anywhere you post your work, but I think is one that is more win than anything else. If you post a book, you'll get constructive criticism, find your strengths and weaknesses, and above all else, you can take it write off the site when you wish. No harm no fowl. They don't take your rights away, they don't save your work, so as soon as you take the work off the site, it's off their computers. Period.

So I am happily on there, making sure that this blog link is posted on there, and think that anyone interested in helping beginning writers (or some on there are experienced) in some constructive criticism, or wish to get words on your writing, should check it out.

As above, I am under ahbrowne. Now off I am to go to finish a lot of other things. Done emailing customers, and laundry, now trash, dinner, editing, writing... hmm... I'll stop there :)

Enjoy this beautiful sunny day in WA!!


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