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(January 19, 2010)

So I was wandering around online, one thing led to another and I came across the site (Authonomy). Okay, I was looking up my new favorite author, Conn Iggulden (Emperor: Gates of Rome), then I got distracted by his forum (Authonomy: Heads up for writers), and ended up seeing a post he wrote with this authonomy link. I got a little sidetracked.

Seems to be a rather interesting site that is from the publishing company HarperCollins. Now, as I happen to love that publishing company --don't ask me to quote some books here as I'd have to grab each book and stare at the publisher going... um...--since it's a backer of some of my love-to-read books, I thought that a great site to check out. Turns out that I was right.

In their (Authonomy FAQ) FAQ section, they cover a lot of numerous questions that are very helpful. As a writer, I'm always concerned when writing, whether I should post on a site or not because I don't know if the site will take away my rights to my work or not. They make it clear that they don't. Anyone interested in writing should check it out.

Basically, the premise behind the site is to allow potential writers a place to showcase their work. You can upload partial books, or full books, but it has to be at least 10,000 words--helps to weed out the serious people, from not so serious. That would be approx. 20-30 pages worth of writing. Now, a lot of the work I've done, or am doing, are things that I might not want place out there, but I have plenty of short stories that I could showcase, although a lot would have to be extended. But another great idea with that are the unfinished stories that I have. I don't even know if I'll finish them, but if I posted on that site, I could get feedback that might spur me on to actually finish them.

I think that either way, you should check out if you want your work to be seen, and to gather an audience for your writing period. Which is one thing in the back of my mind. Building an audience so that when, not if, but when I get myself published, I know that there will be a bunch of people already lined up ready for the books. Of course all my friends will be getting the first signed copies.

The idea behind is that you make a profile, upload your work, upload a cover to entice people to read, and then people read and comment. When a book ends up receiving a high ranking, then an editor from HarperCollins will take a look at your book and perhaps publish it. Now, as they make clear on the site, that is not a given, but as a writer, any help is appreciated. At the very least, when you upload a book--or partial, be that as it may--you'll be able to receive constructive criticism on your writing, and in turn, you'll develop a much stronger writing confidence behind your work. And you're working to develop a backing on there. Always something helpful. I know for me, just having people read my poetry in the beginning was tough. Now it's reading my books. Gotta develop more strength on that one!

As a writer, and any artist can tell you, it's personal to receive criticism on your work, but the one thing I've learned, is that it helps me grow as a writer. I truly become a better writer.

Once I make my profile on there, I will write up a new blog with the link, and it will also be included in my list of links--under my about me section--at the bottom of my blog, on the right-hand side. Unless I change my blog layout, but for now, that is where you will always be able to find it. That way, you don't have to keep looking through old posts to find these two, should you lose it.

Happy reading and writing!

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